please feel free to contact us with any other questions you might have.

what is the ordering process?
it's really easy! just click on the 'place an order' link to the right, read the terms of service, choose your items, fill out a makeover form if needed and submit payment. once we receive your deposit confirmation, your name is placed at the wait list and we'll start working on your design soon.

do I have to sign up with paypal to submit payment?
no. you do not have to create an account with paypal to submit payment. there are no extra fees for non-members and you can use any major credit card to pay your invoice.

do I lose any content with the installation of my new blog design?
no. after your new template is installed you will be able to post, add gadgets, photos and links as usual. however, we do recomend that you save a back up of your old template before we start working since house 09 is not responsible on saving/storing any of your files.

can I update my header/banner after the makeover?
no. the design created for your blog header/banner is saved as an image. on altering text, changing pictures or any other modifications the whole layout needs to be modified on an image editor software. house 09 will gladly charge a small fee on any changes you may need. please contact me with details since prices will vary based on the amount of changes.

is there a discount for returning customers?
yes. returning customers are offered a 20% off discount on design packages. this discount does not apply to sale items or to any single purchased add-on.

what is a rush fee?
if you need a blog designed and installed imediately you can choose to pay a $45 rush fee to have your blog process become priority. note that we do not place a rush client above the one on the top of the waiting list. with such charge house 09 will work over time to get your blog done.

can I have a copy of the digital kit purchased for my makeover?
no. as per terms of use from the designers and the shops where these files are sold, digital kits can not be shared, reproduced or sold in any way. your invoice will include the kit price and house 09 will use it only for the creation of your blog layout and with permission from the designer.

will you need my blog username and password?
yes. house 09 will only log in to your blog account once the design is ready for installation. each client's privacy is extremely important to us and your information will not be shared with anyone.
we also suggest that you create a temporary password for house 09 to use during the installation process.

what blog platforms you work with?
currently, house 09 only works with blogger platforms from google.

do you offer blogger tutorials?
yes. house 09 is happy to guide you through the basic steps of blogging. the tutorials can happen online via msn, skype or google talk or via emails. the session is priced at $30 for 30 minutes or one email with one tutorial topic for $15.

what are your business hours?
house 09 normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm


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