payment on all orders is due upfront. house 09 only accepts payments through paypal and by submitting your deposit, you are agreeing to these terms.

all designs are protected under copyright and are property of house 09. no design or code created by house 09 may be altered, copied, sold or distributed in any way. legal measures will be used against prohibited actions.

all blogs designed by house 09 will have our logo and design credit at the bottom of a sidebar as a button that links back to our website. by purchasing a blog makeover with house 09 you agree to not remove or alter the credit.

blog makeovers and other types of design work by house 09 are all non refundable. in the event of a cancellation by client there will be no refunds for any payment received.

digital files
the scrapbook kits and digital images used for the blog makeover are purchased from various online scrap stores. as per the Terms of Use of the stores and of the designers, we cannot share these files with you in any way, and they will only be used for customizing your personal blog. you are also not allowed to use the images for any other purpose. house 09 will add the price of the kit/image to your invoice and purchase the same once payment is received.

when your design is complete and your new template installed you'll get to have one final revision of your design. small changes are welcomed and house 09 want you to be fully satisfied with your design work. any excess revisions will be billed at $45 per hour.

wait list
the wait time listed is an estimate only. house 09 will work on completing all orders in the given time frame but the turnaround time may vary. names are placed 'on hold' as the makeover form is submitted and moved to the top of the list as payments are received.

house 09 will communicate by email only. it is imperative to check your inbox regularly during the design process and reply in a timely manner. clients are welcome to contact me in other ways. a two week period of no response will automatically cancel your job.

house 09 retains the right of using any design created to advertise and promote our company. an image of your blog and any other elements may be placed in our portfolio and will link to your blog so that others can see examples of our work. if you would prefer not to be linked, please state so.


.copyright house 09 © 2009 - 2014/ all rights reserved