LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! I am over the moon with this blog design!!! You are amazing!!
I can't thank you enough! - cassie

Thank you for being so wonderful to work with... I really appreciate it. I want to tell you that you truly are amazing. As you know I researched blog designers. I really, really put time and effort into it before selecting house 09 designs. In the last 24 hours, I've come to realize that I made the most correct decision. My husband says he knows I'm your nightmare client. I apologize. Thank you for being exceptional! It is truly appreciated. - julee morrison

Thanks again for a fab new look! I have gotten a lot of compliments from blog and real life friends on my new look!! :) You did good. abby - tales & trials

I LOVE IT! hah i just saw it and got so excited!!!! It is PERFECT! thank you so much! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look. I seriously couldn't be happier! - Lauren - bluegrass love

Wow, you have done AMAZING work! I love the header and so many of the things you've changed are exactly what I envisioned but didn't know how to do myself! You ROCK!!
It is beautiful and I'm so grateful for your work!
Thanks again, Lori - the family woodman

It is awesome! I love, love, love it!! I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did. I have gotten so much good feedback already.
Someone said it is professional but yet girly girly. So that is what we were aiming for and achieved. Yeah! Take care - jaina's mom

THANK-YOU...I have already received lots of feedback on the makeover and everyone loves it!
I have been getting a lot of compliments ..not just from friends but from some companies telling me my blog looks very professional... - patrice

Wow! I love my new blog design! Thank you so much!
You are simply amazing! :)
Again, thank you so much! I love it! - rachael

Thank you so much for all your hard work! I just looked over my blog and I love it! - matt

It looks FABULOUS!!!! I will be in contact when I need an update or more stuff and we can figure out how much to pay you. Thanks, again. It is just WONDERFUL! - shannon

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my blog -thank you so much!
All the changes look amazing! - mama.plays.mozart

Hey, it looks perfect! I really appreciate your doing this.
Thanks again – it was great working with you, too.
Stephanie - SLV jewerly

awww, it looks really great!! i'm soo happy with the outcome. sweet and simple. just how i like it. i'm pretty pumped! yay for a new look!! - pure joy

The blog is GORGEOUS!! Thank you so much, TOTALLY my taste :)
I am LOVIN' It!!!!!!!!!!
thanks a bunch!!! Lauren :) - mudmama

It is so awesome. Love my signature!! This look superb!!
I have already gotten comments on how beautiful it looks.
Thank you so so much. I L.O.V.E it! - kirsten

I LOVE it! Beautiful work. Thank you so much Jeanne - jandjhome


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